Some Kilometres More At Tnf Endurance Challenge Peru
General | 04.02.2014


The Brazilian runner Fernanda Maciel keeps pushing her limits. Last February 1st, at The North Face Endurance Challenge in Peru, achieved a suffered second place between women at the 80 kilometre’s race.

The starting had to be delayed in 45 minutes due to a problem with the course signage – vandals from the surrounding area had removed part of the light sticks and red flags. But at 2:45 the organization had already put them on again, after lots of effort and nerves, and the race begins. Fernanda, that was with the five first runners until the kilometre 7, some metres after the bifurcation that divided the 80 from the 50 kilometres runners, stoped seeing the sticks and the flags and got lost with a group of around 30 runners. Many kilometres later, and already with 3 hours of race, she is back at the correct track and finds the support point of the kilometre 11. Fighting against fatigue and unmotivated, and even at the 60th position, she keeps running.

In 11 hours and 28 minutes she is the second woman to cross the finish line. She is exhausted, but very proud of completing another quest. Her position is still uncertain, cause the race judges need 48 hours to study the case and prove if the first woman really didn’t do the extra loop of the 80 kilometres course, as long as some runner that were with her during the race say she didn’t.

Fernanda now is resting and recovering, but is already thinking about her next race: The North Face Transgrancanaria, in Spain, at February 27 and 28.
Let’s keep supporting her and encouraging her never to give up! 

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