"MOVE POSITIVE". This is the tittle of Fernanda Maciel's presentations. She tells about her experience of life, silence, run and long adventures on the world's highest and wildest mountains. 

Fernanda speaks and shows about "NEW PRODUCTS", "NUTRITION", "TRAINING" and "TRAIL RUNNING AROUND THE WOULD". The secret of crossing the finish line after many hours running or climbing.

Mountain becomes the metaphor of what we face in our professional and private day life. LIMITS, STRATEGY, FEAR, BE WOMAN, LIDERSHIP AND PERSONAL POTENTIAL are one of the points of her motivational conference.


Next Move Positive:

*Move Positive :  Fernanda Maciel en la Serra Gaúcha - BRAZIL

Local: Nova Petrópolis - Porto Alegre : Serra Gaúcha

Dia: 29 de novembro 2015
8h : Conferência Nutrição Esportiva para corredores
10h: Treinão prático
12h: Almoço de encerramento


*Move Positive : Fernanda Maciel en Energy Training Camp - SPAIN

Local: La Garrotxa - Catalunya

Días: 13,14 y 15 de noviembre


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